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06.12 - 09.12.2018
Larpwrite Winter Retreat - III
  Orga Waldritter e.V.
  Ort vbs Sohrschied
(PLZ: 55487, Rheinland-Pfalz) [zeige in Karte]
  Genre Unbekannt
  Art Out-Time Treffen / Workshop
  Unterkunft Haus
  Verpflegung Vollverpflegung
bis 06.12.201880 EUR 
  Regeln Unbekannt
  Mindestalter Unbekannt
  Spieler/NSC 25 Spieler (davon noch 15 SC Plätze und 0 NSC-Plätze frei)
  Status Unbekannt
  Kampagne keine
  Anmeldeschluss Unbekannt
  ConTakt Adressen vergangener Cons werden nicht mehr angezeigt
Ambiente Unbekannt
Kämpfe Unbekannt
Magie Unbekannt
Rätsel Unbekannt
Schlachten Unbekannt
  Beschreibung The idea: Write your vision of a political mini-larp. With a little help from some friends and in the creative atmosphere of a small seminar house, right in the middle of nowhere. The location: We have a lot of room and as much country side silence as one can stand. We have to take care of cooking and cleaning up on our own but we also have the opportunity to use the house as we're pleased. Funding: We will be funded by This means that we have to do part of the programm in a structure. How much is the fish? 80€ for accomodation, food and programm. How to get there? The location is situiated about 10km away from the Airport Frankfurt Hahn which is operated by Ryan Air and other budget air lines. There's also Airpot-Shuttles via bus from Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt/ Main, Trier, Koblenz and Bingen... For individual transport by car it's connected to A60 (motorway ) via B50/ E42 (A-road).
  Eingetragen am 05.06.2018 16:26
  Aktualisiert am 12.06.2018 18:06
  Con-ID 8772
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